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Pretty much, yes.

The article (it's in today's G2 section of the hardcopy paper BTW) goes on to quote various people describing how the upper reaches of the govt and civil service displayed, if not an active avoidance of inconvenient facts or predictions, then an unspoken message that working up such material would be regarded as disloyal and/or troublemaking.

If this is a true picture, it's a text book example the effects of cognitive dissonance on a decision-making community.

IMO the money-quote of the article comes just after the description of the meeting between Blair and the six outside academics:

Joffe got the impression of "someone with a very shallow mind, who's not interested in issues other than the personalities of the top people, no interest in social forces, political trends, etc".


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by silburnl on Mon Jan 21st, 2008 at 10:13:17 AM EST
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