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Beats me too but then the other person I've met down there (Johnny Hallyday) is massively popular as well, again for reasons which utterly escape me, likely due to my age.

I really find Mayle's stuff exceedingly boring, in any event that's not really the south I know, but then one writes for a given audience which means in Mayle's case English and American women of a certain age and a nostalgiac and not particularly accurate conception of southern France, which means I'm not the target audience. I'm sure people from certain parts of Italy (like Tuscans, for instance) probably find Anglo-American glorification pieces of their region equally boring and incomprehensible.

I'm sure the same elements which make it attractive to English and American women also might make it attractive to a certain set of parigo-tete-de-veau as well, who may think of themselves as excepted from Mayle's humor. It wouldn't be the first time.

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