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I am sure that while Brits moving to France disperse around the country the French moving the Britain are presumably concentrated in London.

When I was working as a barman in France I could have been interviewed for a companion piece: "Sure business people and the elite may prefer London but here I can afford to rent an apartment in central Paris, the transport is good and I can go to a concert without paying a tout double or triple the face value of the ticket."

You can see where my priorities are but this is another symptom of the Anglo disease (I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet). It is virtually impossible to get tickets to some cultural events, concerts etc in London without paying touts. The concentration of wealth in London means that touts (often web-based) will buy-up a majority of tickets for an event and can be sure of selling them to the wealthy at massive mark-ups. The Economist of course has opined that this 'secondary market'is healthy while the rest of us curse "those tout bastards". The poor and middle class (as well as being pushed out of the centre of London)are even being prevented from experiencing what we are told is 'London's rich cultural mix'.

Maybe other cities are experiencing the same thing but that is not my experience (I was able to get a ticket in Brussells on the day to a show which would have been sold out months before in London -- The Flaming Lips if your interested).

Incidentally while I could live in central Paris as a barman I am now working as a lawyer in London and I cannot afford to live in the center.

by lemonwilmot (lemonwilmot at gmail.com) on Wed Jan 23rd, 2008 at 07:57:47 AM EST

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