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Who exactly do we need first use against?

The Russian newspaper Izvestia has the answer to your question today in a lead article quoting the president of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems, General Leonid Ivashov, who is quoted as saying the US and NATO are preparing the ground for a nuclear strike against objectionable countries.

Ivashov says:

Я лично знаю почти всех подписантов этого доклада и уверен, что идея его составления и предания огласке принадлежит не им, а "ястребиному крылу" американской администрации.I am personally acquainted with almost all the signatories of this manifesto and I am convinced that the idea to write it and make it public was not theirs but that of a `hawk faction' in the American administration.
Скорее всего, этих авторитетных военачальников использовали для подготовки прецедента применения Соединенными Штатами первыми ядерного оружия против стран, отказывающихся подчиниться их гегемонии, и прежде всего против Ирана. Поскольку удержать эти государства в послушании и подчинении обычными средствами не удается, в очередной раз ставится вопрос об их обуздании путем применения тактического ядерного оружия". These authoritative military leaders were most likely used to prepare a precedent for the United States to be first to employ nuclear weapons against countries refusing to submit to its hegemony, and above all against Iran. Inasmuch as keeping those countries obedient and submissive by the usual means isn't working, the question about reining them in by using tactical nuclear weapons is asked yet again.

Ivashov says that neither Russia, nor China and not anyone else is prepared to give a nuclear response to a nuclear strike by the United States against some country it doesn't like. He says the US and its allies know that and are betting on getting off scot free if they use nuclear weapons first.

He says:

Вот для подготовки общественного мнения к такому развитию событий с превентивным применением США ядерного оружия первыми и используется доклад авторитетных генералов пяти стран-участниц НАТО. Therefore, the manifesto by authoritative generals of five NATO member countries is to prepare public opinion for that development of events, with pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons by the United States first.

That is probably correct.


by Anthony Williamson on Wed Jan 23rd, 2008 at 02:03:29 PM EST

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