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A slavering 2000-lb imperialist gorilla with blood-flecked eyes prancing around in a blandly professorial tweed jacket and flannel trousers, with nukes in its pockets and global larceny in its soul.


Before I read this (this article, not your response), I really thought that there was general agreement that a nuclear first strike was unthinkable, and all the talk about "all options being on the table" was just political yahoos shooting their mouths off. Even if a few demagogues preferred sounding tough to talking sense, I certainly didn't think generals would be on the wrong side of starting a nuclear war.

I guess I can at least take solace that they are retired.

Il faut se dépêcher d'agir, on a le monde à reconstruire

by dconrad (drconrad {arobase} gmail {point} com) on Sat Jan 26th, 2008 at 03:48:04 PM EST
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