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>>"Just to keep up the symmetry with what counts as 'radical' on the rightward direction."

With your very strict definition of 'radical' "Die Linke" is probably not a radical party, though e.g. the "Republikaner" wouldn't be one as well and they were assumed to be too extreme to be accepted as coalition partner.
I doubt you can name a right wing party, which is widely accepted as coalition partner, excusing violance against any co-habitant, even if they are policemen, as justified part of political opposition as politicians from "Die Linke" have done.

>>"and judgements of developments don't rely on per capita GDP only."

True, but if the economic development is completely unsustainable, very destructive to the environment (even compared to the still not perfect protection of environment) and would lead to a bankrupcy the day the borders were opened, then I think it is quite fraudulent to promise one can remake the DDR even on the longer run. And that is the official goal, not immediately, but a development to abandon capitalism (as it is for the SPD).
Unfortunately I don't know much about Hungary, but I'm indeed surprised that people on the Right in Hungary think it may have been better in 1960 than today.
Though I can't imagine that this might be true by any objective measure, some problems would have occured anyway. E.g. the end of cheap oil is mostly independent of politics. And of course Hungary had no other country  pumping a trillion Euro into it for catching up lost development.
But even if it were true by an objective measure, this would be a success of capitalism, because Westgerman people are far better off today than then and in Hungary probably from the end of Kádár until 1990 there  would have been an overall bad development. And Westgermans today would be even better off, if in Eastgermany there would have been the western model from 1949 on as well.

>>"By the way, did you support the Großer Lauschangriff in its original form, and various later demands to expand what became of it? "

As far as I know the original "Großer Lauschangriff" is rather old (I'm 25 years old) and I don't know what exactly was the original proposal.

"Stasi 2.0" is completely hyped and indeed it makes me angry that people use this term to describe actual politics.
I am not happy with Schaeuble on his recent survailance increase and far less happy that he hypes an IMO nearly not existing thread of Islamistic attacks on Germany for getting his stuff through the parliament, but the dimension is simply a completely different one than the former Stasi had.

I'm sorry if you found my first statement harsh, because your analysis really had a lot of valid points regarding misinterpretation of the events by the FT.

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