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Another reply I forgot two weeks ago (I 'lost' this thread during the Stop Blair campaign):

As far as I know the original "Großer Lauschangriff" is rather old (I'm 25 years old) and I don't know what exactly was the original proposal.

OK. You were then 15 resp. 21 years old when the important stuff happened.

The original Großer Lauschangriff was approved by CDU+FDP Bundestag majority in the last year of the Kohl government, in early 1998. It's aim was to enable police to monitor any suspect anywhere, that is also in their homes, and also journalists and pastors. Then the Bundesrat de-fanged it, but not completely. So some people -- checking, it was dissident FDP members led by Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger -- called up the constitutional court, which decided only in 2004: they didn't quash the entire law, but many of its implementation provisions. Proposals to expand it came thereafter, first from Zypries's ministry in Schröder years in the form of the supposed replacement of what the constitutional court tossed out, which was abandoned, then demands from Schäuble and others.

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I heard about the court ruling, but I thought that had nothing to do with the original "Grosser Lauschangriff", but was just a rehash of old battles and wasn't interested much at that time (and only a modem internet connection).

On the current stuff from Schaeuble I was sensitised by a friend who already longer was very keen on preventing to spread too much of his data in the Internet.

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