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Germany: We Demand: Heroin To Be Provided By The State

Horst Kruse, Police chief Bielefeld: "Traditional drug policy has failed. I believe, heroin provided by the state will initiate a change. Like it is in Zurich. Where drug addicts do not have to spend their time with chasing after drugs. Acquisitive criminality and offences form 20% of the all criminal offences which could then be curbed as well as social and health depravation. The problem of addiction would, of course, remain the same, but this is not to be solved by police efforts anyway."

Hans Dieter Klosa, police chief Hannover: "Since I started my work as police chief in Hannover, I voted for giving heroin to long term drug addicts. Traditional drug policy has lead us into a dead-end street. What we have to combat most nowadays is acquisitive criminality. But we cannot just accept that this forms such a large percentage of all criminal offences. Today, 60% of all robberies are committed by drug addicts - and that is only because of the wrong policy."

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