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I've only been able to follow this conversation in spots, and I don't have much time,  so please forgive me if I misunderstand or if I have missed something.

The arguments for legalization of hard drugs drugs seem to be:

  1. People have a right to have some fun in their lives.  Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, so why not "hard" drugs.

  2. Hard drugs are not necessarily all that damaging to health in themselves

  3. many of the harmful effects are a consequence of them being illegal and uncontrolled - e.g. dirty needles, contaminated product, uncontrolled dosages, uneducated users

  4. Addiction is as much a socially learned behaviour as it is a physiological disorder, if not more so

  5. OK some people may get addicted, have violent reactions etc. but that is a problem that should be handled medically

  6.  Criminalisation creates a huge class of unjustly convicted criminals

  7.  The costs of drug related crime to society are huge and could be much reduced by legalisation

  8. Criminalisation serves the interests of corrupt elites and security organisations

  9. Prohibition has been shown not to work in relation to Alcohol

  10.  Things couldn't be much worse than they currently are

anything else I should add?

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