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I hope that it is 'tactical'. FDR was clever with his use of rhetoric, "Lend-Lease" comes to mind.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, eager to ensure public consent for this controversial plan, explained to the public and the press that his plan was comparable to one neighbor's lending another a garden hose to put out a fire in his home. "What do I do in such a crisis?" the president asked at a press conference. "I don't say... 'Neighbor, my garden hose cost me $15; you have to pay me $15 for it' ...I don't want $15 -- I want my garden hose back after the fire is over."

Maybe Edwards is being tactical, but I wonder if his populism is genuine and if it will translate to true progressive policies. The United States isn't in the economic straits that it was during the Great Depression, however Bush, Congress, and Greenspan have all done their part to make it possible.

by Magnifico on Thu Jan 3rd, 2008 at 06:34:00 AM EST
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