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...so that our Americans can play, too. For the US, I don't have a link for neat network maps, so I will merge the Easy and Medium difficulty categories. Also, using my dictatoral powers with extreme cruelty, I am barring asdf from the compatition in this category! It should be too easy for him, leaving nothing to others...

Eezy: this will be four photographs actually, made at two locations not far from each other (but I want the solutions in the form of Google Maps or Flash Earth link separately!). The first shows the rear of an UP coal train, and the front of a BNSF double-stack container train:

Parallel run of two preserved steamers, SP class GS-4 #4449 and UP class FEF-3 #844 almost two decades earlier:

Again a shot of two trains pulled by UP resp. BNSF locos -- but count the number of tracks!

If you think the previous were lucky shots, what is this? Overkill!

Difficult: two ex-BN, now FURX locos exit a tunnel:

Cruel: Cruel because this lucky shot would have been easy, would it...:

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by DoDo on Fri Feb 1st, 2008 at 11:24:35 AM EST

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