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Here's another view, one supporting prohibition.

Here in Colorado we have had a few lingering leftovers from prohibition that might be interesting. Up until a few years ago we had beer with a 3.2% alcohol limit that could be purchased by those 18-21. This resulted in a large industry of "3.2 clubs" targeted at that age group, which just happens to be college kids who are big drinkers anyway. The advantage of 3.2 beer is that you can literally fill up your stomach with it (as happens in drinking contests) and still not pass out. You might die from electrolyte imbalance, but you would have the same problem with water.

Also, in certain towns there are restrictions on what you can do on your own property when it comes to alcohol. Colorado Springs was a railroad town, and the entire town was originally owned by a guy who was a strong prohibitionist. (This was in the 1880s.) As he sold off lots, he added perpetual clauses to the deeds prohibiting the manufacture or sale of alcoholic beverages. This is of course now completely disregarded, as the many nightclubs in downtown Colorado Springs demonstrate, but it still appears as a restricting clause on your deed.

William Jackson Palmer would not approve!

by asdf on Tue Jan 8th, 2008 at 09:45:07 PM EST
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