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Bloomberg: European Officials Squabble Over Response to Crisis (Oct. 2)
European officials squabbled over how to respond to the global credit crunch, with Germany opposing a coordinated approach and the Netherlands calling on states to set aside funds to help troubled banks.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy distanced himself from comments by his finance minister Christine Lagarde over the need to set up a ``rescue fund.'' Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean- Claude Juncker told DeutschlandRadio today he didn't ``see the need'' for an effort to emulate the $700 billion rescue package that U.S. senators passed yesterday.


Lagarde told the German newspaper Handelsblatt in an interview today that a ``rescue package'' was needed to help ``smaller'' European states ``threatened with a banking failure.'' Germany opposes the proposal ``based on its current assessment of risk,'' said Finance Ministry spokesman Stefan Olbermann.

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