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So what is the logic of the Irish Government guaranteeing virtually all debt, and does that not undermine the credibility of the guarantee - not top mention the safety of Irish Government Bonds?

Given a current debt/GDP ration of c. 30%, - you could see a situation where the Government could survive that going up to (say) 50% - though not without a lot of pain for taxpayers and at some cost to future growth,  But that would fund only 10% of the liabilities being taken on - and wouldn't cover a situation where those liabilities became much greater because of - say - property markets going down by another 50%.

So aren't Irish citizens now not exposed to a massively higher level of risk - indeed Ireland Inc. has been turned into a massive insurance company - which is fine and profitable when claims are at a "normal" level but has the potential to bankrupt Irish citizens rather than just the shareholders in those companies?

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