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Yeah, the ships I've had in mind when pondering this is something like the Finnish Hamina class fast attack craft (250 tons), the Swedish Göteborg class corvette (380/425 tons) and, maybe a bit unrealistically, the Finnish Turunmaa class gunboat. The last because I'd love to have the ability to slot in a big gun instead of missiles or whatever. The Turunmaa class (700 tons (+100 with later modifications) 1,350 tons (full load)) had the wonderful Bofors 120 mm/46 SAK DP (80(!) 120 mm shells a minute!).

Now, I wouldn't use that gun as it's not made anymore and because there is a much better one: the Otobreda 127/64. 127 mm, 25 rounds a minute (good enough!) and a massive 84 km range with standard shells! Even better, the new guided Vulcano shells will reach 120 km, better than many anti-ship missiles!

The only orders for that gun has been from the Italian and German navies for their new "frigates" (read: destroyers) which are both in the 6000 ton range. I wonder how small a ship you could mount it on, if the ship was only supposed to carry the gun (or some other mission module) and nothing else? It is after all dseigned to be a 127/54 but with lighter weight, for corvettes and the Turunmaa class were much smaller than these destroyers will be. Maybe you could even put it on something like the Göteborg class?

The Bofors 120 mm autogun on the Turunmaa class
Hamina class fast attack craft.
Four Göteborg class
The new Otobreda 127/64 lightweight gun

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by Starvid on Fri Oct 17th, 2008 at 11:07:24 AM EST
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