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Speaking of the battle of Nicopolis, we might also note the brave behaviour of the wallachian prince all through those dark years.

"Although he was Orthodox, Mircea the Elder, the Prince of Wallachia, also participated with a large force in the Crusading army. His principality now constituted the border between Christendom and Islam.

Wallachia (like Moldavia) was familiar with Ottoman battle strategies, as Mircea had inflicted several blows to the same Bayezid at the Battle of Karanovasa, the Battle of Rovine and the battles over the Principality of Karvuna in 1395."

The battle of Nicopolis was decided in favour of the turks, but the sultan was also busy with the siege of Constantinople and the Mongol attacks. In the meantime,

"Wallachia continued its stance against the Ottomans, having stopped another expedition in the next year, 1397, and in 1400 it defeated yet another expedition of Turks crossing the country. The defeat of Sultan Beyazid I by Timur (Tamerlane) at Ankara in the summer of 1402 opened a period of anarchy in the Ottoman Empire and Mircea took advantage of it to organize together with the Kingdom of Hungary a campaign against the Turks.

In 1404 Mircea was thus able to impose his rule on Dobrogea again. Moreover, Mircea took part in the struggles for the throne of the Ottoman Empire and enabled Musa to ascend that throne (for a brief reign). It was at this time that the prince reached the height of his power.

Towards the end of his rein, Mircea signed a treaty with the Ottomans who recognized the freedom of Wallachia in return for a 3,000 gold pieces per year tribute (a small amount). Keeping the country free from becoming an Ottoman province ("pashalik") also meant keeping the Ottomans away from Western Europe.

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! (Martin Luther King)

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