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Isn't there a play with a diaologue between Szechenyi and Kossuth, two very remarkable men.  The amount of work did and the number of fields that Szechenyi contributed to are astonishing.  The fact that he never gave up even when institutionalized is amazing.

As for writing about him, I doubt it.  I don't know enough.  Right now, I've been reading about another remarkable man, Abdul Ghaffar Khan or Badshah Khan, a Pashtun leader and friend of Gandhi who led a nonviolent army, yes a literal army organized in troops and with a real officer corps, 100,000 strong in the area where the Taliban is active today.  He based his nonviolence on Islamic teachings and Pashtun tradition.  Would be good to remember him these days.

Solar IS Civil Defense

by gmoke on Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 at 06:29:38 PM EST
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Wow, interesting!

I think you should not hold back yourself on doubts over the level of your knowledge to write diaries on both Széchenyi and Abdul Ghaffar Khan. It's the narrative of what captured you that counts, details can be filled in/other viewpoints can be presented by commenters.

Isn't there a play with a diaologue between Szechenyi and Kossuth, two very remarkable men.

The conflict between the two (with Széchenyi as the moderate advocate of slow progress and Kossuth as the radical reformist -- though Kossuth himself was overtaken by the 1848 revolutionaries) was legendary and very public. As for a literary coverage, upon checking, maybe you mean László Teleki's unfinished drama (written from 1847)?

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