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Thank you for your exhaustive explanations, DoDo. I was of course aware of much of all this - not in so much detail though. I will return on this later, since there are other replies as well. For now I'll just make an attempt (probably quite boring by its very retrospective nature) at clarifying my own words.

By bravery and self-defense I meant Mircea the Elder, of course. In general I hardly find the german or the french crusaders' attitude (let alone goals, be those real or displayed) either brave, or extremely honourable.

Wr to the two mighty neighbours: of course your viewpoint might* stand in relation with Wallachia; much less so if we look at the greater picture: when you have a frog, a fly and a couple of ants, well, from the frog's perspective, the others are all ants.

*I say "might" thinking at that Middle-Ages custom of marrying to enlarge territory. In reality, those were hardly genuine states; accumulation of territory in the feudal order was SO ephemerous that it really doesn't deserve much attention.
I don't even speak about Hungary, which, like any other state, had its better and worse moments. But just look at the german "empire", first Roman, then Roman of German nation, then Habsburgic really, Austrian, finally Austro-Hungarian and ending with two small (relative to their neighbours, let alone to the Barbarossa's realm) albeit very honourable states: modern Austria and modern Hungary.

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