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Another strange Central European crime story met a bizzarre end.

In 1996, Robert Remiás, a witness in the case of a botched action by the Slovakian secret service against the country's President (they kdnapped his son, made him drunk, and wanted Austrian police to catch him for drunken driving) was blown up in a car bomb. Later investigators found ties to the Slovakian mafia.

Ahead of the 1998 elections in Hungary, a series of bombs went up  at the homes of politicians in Budapest. The same year, there were mafia executions, too -- the worst of them a car bomb against a police informant also killing three bystanders (the first mafia hit job with 'collateral damage').

In all of these cases, investigators followed trails to the same organisator: a certain Jozef Rohác, a mafioso with links to the Mečiar-era secret service.

However, Rohác disappeared. But in the early morning of last Sunday, he was caught by Czech police in Prague -- for drunken driving... It took them 10 hours to get the identity of the man.

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