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A recent video interview with Saviano:

Camorra is a European problem.

Must say I'm feeling kinda-worried about him even apart from the death-threat danger - I've seen him on TV various times, he was looking great around the time the film-version of Gomorra came out but since then he's changed enormously, a black pall seems to have fallen over him: he's lost a lot of weight but not in a "healthy" way - now looking so very thin jagged hunched tense haggard, skin pallid and darkened at the same time with a dull verdigris patina to it like a tarnished coin. In the most recent glimpses on TV he looked sickly and frail surrounded by all those hulking cops and bodyguards - reminded me of an Ecce Homo taken down from the cross.

The loneliness, the cut-offness, the bitterness of all those closed doors and turned backs, his rejection by his "own townspeople" must be taking its toll - those are the very people he'd so passionately wanted to save!  

So I hope all our signatures can give him at least a momentary psychological boost, a moment of human warmth? In this "paese di merda" - land of squallid compromise crowded pizzerias splendid skies elastic consciences mutual-backscratching endless backbiting overwhelming monuments mindless TV gorgeous clothes and instinctive hurry-along-mind-your-own-business eye-aversion reflexes whenever there's a whiff of deadliness in the air - Saviano's our standard-bearer, our last-residual-hope-and-pride: he represents what we-collectively aren't but know we potentially could be - if we still had enough guts lucidity pride passion and belief in ourselves to at least envisage the possibility of building ourselves a future less ignominious than our present... :-(

"Ignoring moralities is always undesirable, but doing so systematically is really worrisome." Mohammed Khatami

by eternalcityblues (parvati_roma aaaat libero.it) on Mon Oct 20th, 2008 at 07:27:41 PM EST

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