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Well, sadly, nothing said about Länderfinanzausgleich in the article.

But, for your argument: I find it is a projection for 2008 at the end of 2007. And indeed they mention that such good finances are a recent development -- Baden-Württenberg, which was first to introduce tuition fees, is quoted explicitely as still having a giant deficit in 2006. Furthermore, they say:

Die Kombination aus früheren Sparanstrengungen, guter Konjunktur und steigenden Steuereinnahmen hat in den öffentlichen Haushalten die Wende zum Besseren möglich gemacht.The combination of previous savings efforts, good economic situation and rising tax revenues has enabled a change for the better in public budgets.

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Yes, but have you seen the federal deficit numbers? Even the good economic situation, the VAT tax increase and several other measures did not bring that budget into balance.

And if the 2006 "Kredite in Milliardenhöhe" is really high by sustainability standards is not clear to me either. The total debt of BW is 44 bn Euro. Alone current inflation would reduce the level of debt by more than one billion per year in real terms. The state would have been able to go without tuition fees and simply borrow the money.

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