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The stupidity of the US discourse on taxes never stops amazing me... Barack Obama sounds like a hard-core right-wing european guy soemtimes and a standard center-right guy (gee be Solbes is more left-wing thatn that in the discourse, but of course the Spanish government are socailists..or pinkos)...

That's precisely why I do not expect too much from Obama in the international arena (actually nothing)... and while I have always defended that Obama will be basically good for the middle and upper-middle clases of the US and relatively neutral for the poor this kind of general tax discourse (centered.. o so centered but so crazy socalist for the right) makes me doubt...could I be wrong and the US as a local power is even hopeless?

Do not forget, the reason why they call Obama a marxist is to make anything which is not compeltely int he center-rigth of economic policy a crazy wacko proposal.

If this is not changed... The US is going down the tubes...internet-not.

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by kcurie on Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 at 12:21:40 PM EST

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