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I am not sure these specific points make much sense.

The first guy might well be right for his own situation: if his target customer benefits from the Obama plan, then he might as well, at least until other businesses start targetting te same people.

But there are also small businesses with rich customers, and these are hurt at the same rate that the ones with ordinary customers benefit. Unless, of course, Obama cuts more taxes than he will raise. But then companies that deliver to the government are hurt. Unless Obama wants to lend more to keep spending up, in which case future tax payers and companies are hurt. Economics isn't simple, and trickle-up is just as voodoo as trickle-down.

A similar problem for the other guy: why should higher tax rates encourage you to invest in your company? The whole point of investment is that you will get even higher earnings in the future, so at best you postpone the taxes together with your income.

by GreatZamfir on Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 at 05:11:05 PM EST

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