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That's a good point especially for anyone who has invested in Nikon system lenses already or thinks they might want to be able to pick up some of the older (goodies) for less money.  I just bought a D40 and my only regret is that lack of compatibility (TTL) with my SB80 flashes and non-AFS lenses. I can still use the SB80s in manual and auto flash and most of the other lenses with manual focus.

I also am finding that digital has other issues.  Even the lowly D40 (6mpl) is more complicated than I like.  Too many menus.  In additon, digital's limited tonal capture range is annoying.  Still, with care (and ignoring the menu options) it's a joy to use and I love the near instant gratification that digital offers over film.

I believe the D40 is a twin, in size, of the D40.  If correct it's incredibly light and the new (non pro class) lenses are also small and light making the entire kit very easy to transport.  I believe the D60 also offers auto sensor dust removal whereas the earlier D80s (at least) do not.

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