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state, then what does that make the United States of America?

If Iceland, alone, created the housing bubble, the mortgage backed derivatives, the whole solvency problem itself, then what would have been the collateral damage have been? Likely, the collapse would be much more limited to Iceland. They owe, what, $45 billion?

Rather, Iceland bought in to the get rich scheme the American banks had created. Didn't the U.S.A. just pass a $700 billion bailout that was on top of earlier bailouts? The U.S. bailouts have surpassed $1 trillion and will continue.

I think Brown's terrorist accusations are being directed at the wrong country.

Second, is it the state or the few individuals who had the responsibility to provide oversight and regulations and failed to do so due to ideology, incompetence, or negligence?

by Magnifico on Fri Oct 24th, 2008 at 11:05:40 AM EST

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