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Um Bobelis the 'more deserving' emigre leader?

The guy who a few elections ago tried to smear a candidate for president because that candidate (Lozoraitis) was married to a non-Lithuanian woman?

Lozoraitis had been the Lithuanian Ambassador to the USA, suceeding his father in that post, maintaining an independent Lithuanian essence for the decades of Soviet occupation (the USA never recognised the annexation of Lithuania).  As I recall when Lithuania actually declared renewed independence in 1991  Bobelis tried to 'persuade' Lozoraitis to appoint his son into the Lithuanian diplomatic corps to give him a head start in the resurgent nation. Lozoraitis refused, so a vengeful Bobelis carried out a xenophobic hatchet job a few years later when Lozoraitis ran for the Lithuanian Presidency.

The question of what happened to several million dollars in Lithuanian emigre funds that were 'transferred' from US based Lithuanian emigre associations to non-transparent Lithuanian accounts is an interesting one that I believe has never been clarified. You may wonder why this is a relevant part of this posting but I couldnt possibly comment.

by saugatojas on Thu Oct 30th, 2008 at 02:10:08 PM EST
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