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With socialdemocrats like this, Lithuania is lucky not to had started neoliberal future earlier, just in time for the Bush crunch. Only this month Kirkilas (the outgoing premier) started to talk that financial crisis should not be sold at the expense of social support to common citizen.

I know, Lithuanian liberals are enthusiastic about Friedmannian policies. (I had met Steponavičius 4 years ago.) This timing of their success is interesting. They should avoid worst microeconomic follies, I think. There is much to learn everyday as the global crisis unfolds. For worse, Lithuania may catch up Latvia in Baltic credit crises (still not very visible, but anticipation is growing). Their first instinct should be to copy American solutions. Social consequences may eventually turn disastrous for the conservative-liberal coalition; but I give a small chance that they could be smarter than LSDP there.

by das monde on Mon Oct 27th, 2008 at 07:18:52 AM EST
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