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Equation lovers that I know are not among the big winners of financial magic. Surely, they had confidence of knowing better than others, but usually they ran into a setback or two, or their positions are not that exceptional (unless they do an academic job in the West). A critical mass of "freedom" believers is drawn by the narrative. The liberal narrative is strong in Lithuanian, probably strongest by far. Actual losers may be just as enthusiastic.

Erosion of the neo-liberal belief is indeed slow so far. But I know people noticing that the new generation does not really have the same "individual realisation" opportunities. Still, more focus is on observing that people are very unimaginative.

By the way, I am curious how a global recession would tick the emigration balance. Emigration of young people to England, Ireland, Spain, etc is very significant. (That is one of the factors of so low voter participation.) If Western economic crises will push the emigrants back, would they have enough equity to give a boost in Lithuania? Or will they add to social and economic problems?

by das monde on Mon Oct 27th, 2008 at 08:16:58 AM EST
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