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I think it's that contrast between the old system and their current prosperity that makes them so certain that it is only restrictions that are a problem...

Good point. Also, they are shielded from the social consequences of their decisions in their new homes.

However, as for math education, the typical neolib politician here doesn't come from natural sciences. The moneyed tend to come from economic or technical universities, the intellectuals come predominantly from the humanities (and after that from economic and technical and legal universities...).

To further explain these people, also add uncritical West-worship, lack of bottom-up social movements to relate to (the only alternatives they see is heavy-handed or soft-handed state dirigism).

In Lithuania's case, I also wonder about the strength of the influence of emigrees, specifically Americans (with the President among them).

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by DoDo on Mon Oct 27th, 2008 at 08:47:24 AM EST
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