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Just about to go home, at the early, early hour of 1:30 AM having spent a fun evening preparing for a big canvass weekend. Folks here are cautiously optimistic about Missouri, meaning they see it as fifty fifty. This area is mostly poor, with a small number of very affluent people, one of whom gives us our offices. It's mostly white with a tiny sprinkling of blacks. Supposedly there are some Hispanics out here, but I can literally count the number I've seen on my fingers. It's one of those traditional blue collar dem places with a big contingent of 'Reagan democrats', but it is the only place outside the KC and St. Louis area which Dems have a chance of winning in Missouri. Also lots of Christian right folks, mostly already culled from our lists, but I've hit a few. Some friendly and polite, others assuring me they'll pray for me as I burn in hell. Lots of committed and frustrated liberal Dems working there asses off on the campaign. This is even more true apparently of the nearby rural areas where it seems the Dem base minority is even more pissed off and desperate for change. The life of an organizer is mostly drudge work - phone calling, canvassing, playing with data. The phone calling sucks, canvassing is pleasant with nice weather. Data varies.

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by MarekNYC on Sat Oct 4th, 2008 at 02:33:59 AM EST

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