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On the general subject of politics and performance art, and specifically concerning Obama and McCain :

Here is a blog, in French (with political commentaries from myself) but the photos tell the story

The story is : "My name is Kristin, I'm fifty-two and I'm looking for work"... and finding Obama. "Princesses Peluches" street theatre company, well-known in France (and well-respected internationally in their niche) are on the campaign trail.

Globally, the artistic project is to be photographed kissing Barack Obama. (She's not doing too badly : she's kissed Michelle, and exchanged a few words with Barack the other day in Ohio. And she's got a couple of days left...)

She's also pursuing socio-economic issues on the way : demonstrating against foreclosures in Cleveland.

by alistairFr (alistairconnor at wanadoo.fr) on Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 at 09:17:50 AM EST

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