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A great welcome aboard here! The Italian school movement has been discussed in the salon. Jerome put up a discussion the other day to which I added some comments. I'll be glad to answer any questions as best as I can.

Your site is great and I recommend that everybody have a look. I'm really heartened that you took an interest in the movement despite the language barrier and put up a site!

The movement continues and has effectively blocked the government, mostly over its short sighted terror of not being loved by the majority of Italian citizens. This morning la Repubblica has published a copy of the bill "Gelmini" was going to introduce these days- once again with the decree mechanism, a legal loop-hole that allows a government to legislate on the pretext of "emergency" without any serious parliamentary discussion.  Shoving improvised measures through parliament without discussion and insulting academia with pithy remarks and slogans might work in a Berlusconi's reality shows but in real life. It's this stark contrast between the government's televised power and the rest of us- especially those who refuse spectator politics- that gives this strong sense of life, I would even hesitate to say an irruption of bios onto the political scene. It's symbolic that a large sized Pinocchio was used in the fighting in Piazza Navona. To see a broken Pinocchio lying among the upturned chairs sums up what is happening. Pinocchio, the wooden marionette who became a boy.

Often they say that Berlusconi is like Pinocchio because of his compulsive necessity to lie. Berlusconi is far more like l'omino bianco the smiling master driving his coach of asses who takes children to vicariously participate in his gah-gah land of showgirls and hustlers. As he smiles he calmly walks over and bites the ear off a crying donkey. De Tocqueville dreamed of this smiling monster 150 years ago, the dreaded side of democracy.

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