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>>it is very revealing how many people are sheltering and feeding the students on their long, risky vigils.

Can you describe the risks?  When I was there, this did not appear to be a high-risk activity.  Has the situation changed?

by sTiVo on Wed Nov 5th, 2008 at 03:13:38 PM EST
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well, going from my experience protesting the runup to the iraq war in rome, there is not much support to handle that many people coming in from outside the city, food and water-wise.

as for risk of violence, it is real, unfortunately, though so far the police have seemed to be holding back in that regard.

these students are taking a major risk, because they could easily be black-flagged by some rightist phalange, which would create violence to then justify busting heads.

the other risk is that the police reieve orders similar to the leaked letter from cossiga the other day, which revealed the nasty intentions the powers that be have not hesitated to resort to before.

i believe that it is only the fact that the public is behind the students' demands for educational quality that has held back the squelching of this protest by vile means, it will cause berlusconi to lose a lot of face either way, whether the ministry has to rewrite the law, or whether he has to turn uniformed thugs onto adolescents.

he's in a tough spot, and fully deserves it, as italian education was badly in need of constructive reform, and investment, not gutting. he was also sneaky about how he slid it through, typically...

if you don't already, you can learn quite a lot from www.beppegrillo.com, which is in english!
i'd like to second de G's comment about your blogging about italy, thanks!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Wed Nov 5th, 2008 at 04:19:28 PM EST
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