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It seems you don't know much about nurses ? Well, I have family working there, read nurses' blogs (mostly male, actually), have probably seen some stats, have seen them strike in the hospital my mother was hospitalised... You do know that a nurse making an injection at a patient's home is paid 3 euros - gross ? compare with the wage a doctor would ask for the exact same tax. Do you know that most nurses in France find a way to switch career after about ten years working, because the conditions are too lousy ? Do you think there is no hierarchy in hospitals these days ?

It is not because you don't know about such a carefully made and completely documented explanation that it doesn't exist. Here we are trying out ideas, but there is actually a lot of theoretical and empirical work - and here you come, affirming it doesn't exist.

Un roi sans divertissement est un homme plein de misères

by linca (antonin POINT lucas AROBASE gmail.com) on Tue Nov 11th, 2008 at 09:45:05 AM EST
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