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HA! Even better:

Crawling Coal on the Joint!

Also gone are the days of speedy ascents up the hill between Denver and Palmer Lake, at least for BNSF. In the 70's, coal trains typically had 21,000 horses to climb the 1.2% to 1.5% grade. With SD60's in the 80's, that increased to 21,200 horses. Today, however, you find those four 4,000 horsepower SD70's totalling 16,000 horses, a full 5,000 short of what you would find 15 years ago! With the advent of AC technology, coal trains can crawl along without stalling.

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... between heavy bulk freight and anything else:
From what I've been told in Denver, its a money issue. BNSF went to the customers and said "hey, we can move your coal cheaper, BUT its going to take a few hours longer to get there." The customers and BNSF benefit from not adding additional power to the train. Essentially they bring the engines down to their knees for 20 miles or so but in their eyes they save money.

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