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Here is a short TV documentary (in Italian) on the inauguration:

The stuff I could make out sound like out of a tragicomedy.

  • Though the train did make the trip in the advertised 65 minutes, that involved an unplanned stop -- because of signal loss with the new signalling system (ERTMS Level 2 strikes again)...

  • The President of FS emphasized that they don't want to compete the ailing national air carrier Alitalia - huh... He said they more want to compete cars.

  • The protest you see on the video is by commuters: to make way for more high-speed trains at Milan's Central station, commuter train runs were cut (e.g. diverted to other stations in Milan). In this context, I should look up how much of the project to build a tunnel route across the city for commuter trains is in service so far (IIRC it should pass under Milano Centrale).

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by DoDo on Sun Dec 14th, 2008 at 03:58:53 PM EST

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