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I suppse you can, but swapping a couple of dozen of batteries all over the car is not exactly the easy way of recharging, and swapping just a few will not increase your travel distance by a lot. And not that with two dozen batteries, we are still talking 20 kg batteries. That's not a weight everybody can lift with ease, think old ladies.

Form factor is another challenge. You could probably design a car where a large battery pack can taken out of the car by a special machine. But can you expect that every model by other car builders will use that same priciple? Especially as there is still a lot of progress in this area, so if you build an infrastructure of charging stations specialized for a particular design and technology, it might be obsolete in 5 years or so.

by GreatZamfir on Sun Dec 21st, 2008 at 04:14:28 AM EST
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