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Cheezes.  I never understood the story:  He was supposed to be a peaceful person, but he went ballistic.  How where the merchants supposed to know it was his father´s house?  Was it?...  How could they know about christianism if it wasn´t founded yet?  The merchants didn´t know about the father, the son and the bird if they were jewish.

What good are temples that are empty most of the time?  Like parked cars and boats at the marina.  They should be multi-use, or time-shares, not wasted space.  Nothing wrong with farmers´ markets....


Our knowledge has surpassed our wisdom. -Charu Saxena.

by metavision on Thu Dec 25th, 2008 at 07:08:08 PM EST
You're much too kind. The guy's clearly off his head, and dangerous. Frankly, I'm surprised he wasn't tackled to the ground and tazered by security guards. Who does he think he is? Laws are not just for other people. What an asshole.

Anyway, I don't think this kind of criminal assault behaviour should be condoned on ET.

$E(X_t|F_s) = X_s,\quad t > s$

by martingale on Thu Dec 25th, 2008 at 10:35:12 PM EST
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