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The whole affair- or rather, these intertwined cases played out on different national stages- reminds me very much of Kurosawa's Rashomon. The possibility of a shared public truth is extremely remote. Your arguments here do a great job of getting inside all the "truths" of the interested parties, according to what audience they happen to be playing to at the moment, that is `domestic' or `foreign,' perhaps even `public' or `private.'

What is interesting is the co-presence of a myriad of `dossiers' or `counter-dossiers'- some heavily manipulated for domestic consumption. In the end one isn't quite sure what dossier is being discussed!

As to the motives behind the poisoning, Shvets claimed that he and Litvinenko had collaborated on a 'due diligence' dossier, produced by a London risk management agency, on behalf of a 'reputable British company'.

This dossier may likely be, or be akin to, one unearthed by Kommersant  in August 2007 after indications by Evgeny Limarev who had allegedly seen Litvinenko's `due diligence' dossier for the British companies. (The dossier in Russian may be downloaded in four instalments).

At the same time Limarev is involved in the case for emails and dossiers he allegedly produced for Scaramella. Things get murkier- just like in Rashomon- when dossiers allegedly produced by one of the characters are then given paternity to another character with extensive revamping in the process. And as you note, without any means of verifying the often preposterous claims therein- or even who produced what dossier.

What Shvets glosses over is that their `snip-and-cut' job on the analytical papers Kommersant unearthed (or something similar) didn't make the grade with the `British companies.' I suppose Shvets and Litvinenko had two target markets, an exigent British market where they failed to place their wares, and the Italian market where anything goes. But then those wares may find their way back to the British through `other' channels with a little more lipstick. Niger yellowcake, for example.

Thanks very much for all your acumen and patience in digging up the many inconsistencies in this 'Case' and putting it in a narrative as clearly as possible.

by de Gondi (publiobestia aaaatttthotmaildaughtusual) on Wed Dec 3rd, 2008 at 06:25:45 PM EST

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