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What I'm wondering about is a way to make elections European rather than a collection of national elections. How is that possible with parliament elections? Although the failure of single-man elections is that they give too much power to that man and lead to personality and popularity contests.

I agree on your argument - the president of the Council shouldn't be elected by the population. What I'm wondering about is how the Bundesrat functions ; does its influence on Federal politics influence the State-level elections ? How is it followed by the press ?

How long would the European population bear the undemocratic nature of the council, if made aware of it ? The US senators weren't nominated by governors for such a long time, too.

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On 'Europeanising' parliament elections in the public's mind, I can think of two things: (1) have the EP parties run directly, rather than through their local branches; (2) make the Commission truly EP-elected, which would focus voterss' minds. Of course, the 'Eurosceptics' would oppose the latter change tooth-and-nails.

On the Bundesrat: it is followed by the press, much more so than the EU Council, because they can block legislation passed by the elected lower chamber (the Bundestag), and negotiate a modified version (which IIRC then needs Bundestag approval again in each case). The federal-local entanglement is more complex than we can expect for the EU in the near future: it's not only that there are regional expectations on a state PM to deliver something, but state PMs also play party politics, and regional elections are often influenced by the mood on federal politics. Even if I don't think most voters consciously vote for changing the Bundesrat composition, there's the intent to change federal politics and it can bear results.

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Bundestag vs. Bundesrat: GG Art. 77.

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