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This is a good example of how foreclosed homes are managed when they are not occupied. Look at the bottom where they are looking for contractors to maintain the homes. This of course costs money. (Snow removal in Northern Michigan is pretty serious business btw, I spent the majority of my childhood there and i can tell it can easily bury a house. Not cheap.)

Here's a list of cities in Michigan where you can buy a house for a dollar. Select Detroit, and knock yourself out.

I wouldn't recommend buying one, though. A dollar might be too expensive.

Why might a home only cost a dollar? Well, if you're unsure of the viability of future basic municipal services like water, and there is no safe groundwater to tap anymore what is the value of the land for residential purposes? The American West is littered with ghost towns where there is no groundwater...

(And this is without even thinking about more intermediate concerns like schools or police and fire protection, also severe problems in American cities where the recession of 2000/2001 still continues, as it does in Detroit.)

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