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It's in Mac/Groveland about midway between St Thomas and St Catherine's Universities, a couple of blocks off the river road.

We bought here before the big neighborhood turnaround, had been renters before right across the street. I bought from a friend who had to move for his job, it was really a handshake deal.

For some reason, the neighborhood just took off, a lot of older neighbors who've been here forever are struggling with how much their property tax bill has gone up in the past five years and are selling. My own county appraisal is now for almost three times what I paid for the thing. Not sure what that's worth, guess I'll have to wait to find out, but even if it's only in the ballpark, I think I'm going to buy some goat farm in the west var and lay low for a while....

Ironically, given neither my wife nor I are religious by any stretch of the imagination, it's in a Catholic parish (a very conservative one) which guarantees admission to a Catholic K-8 school, which itself guarantees admission to Cretin/Derham Hall in Saint Paul which somehow has become quite exclusive. So Catholics moving into the Twin Cities have been pushing up prices. I chalk this up to upper-middle class nostalgia, and hope it lasts a little more. Obviously I have no use for these catholic schools, but all the neighbor kids now go there.

Moral of the story, if you're Catholic and moving to the Twin Cities, I'm probably where you want to live.

OTOH, Uptown is nice, but then, you have to live in Minneapolis to be there. And for me, that's too much to ask.

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Having grown up in the area, and noticing the differences between minny and st. paul, I never though they were particularly significant beyond a few pet peeves (plowing policy for example) that would never swing my decision on where to live.

That's a great neighborhood. My friends and I almost rented a house in that area for our last year of college. We ended up with a (cheaper) townhouse a few blocks from the cathedral down Selby Ave.

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