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Shhhh.. I am at work.. outside my unviersity.. using the broadband.. to say this...

I was there... and it was bascially full of journalists and the major and some personalities.. and almost no passenger... despite what you can read in some newspapers, regarding people, the first day has been a failure... problaby due to the history..

Other than that. ..close to Barcelona the railways are still not double checked.. so the velocity is around 60-80 km/h for mroe than 10 minutes.. and stays belows 200 km/h for 10 minutes more..

then.. rails have been completley tested.. and a nice 300 km/h is reached smoothly...(comapred with 200 km/h Aznar left the Zaragoza-Madrid section)

All in all. 1:50 minutes for a travel which should not take  more than 1:30h with stops and 1:10 without stops (mine was with stops).

So...nice to see somany journalists, nice to see it working.. and well, accepting tht people are really not engaged yet after so many disasters..

By the way, the green party informed that some people missed the fast train becuase again, there have been 30 minutes delays int he local train network.

Though.. 300 km/h is fun to see.. really fun!!

A pleasure


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by kcurie on Wed Feb 20th, 2008 at 01:15:28 PM EST

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