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I won't bet against you. Indirect experimental evidence has its center value below the LEP limit, which is 114. 116 GeV really looks for the moment to be the best guess even without the renormalization argument.

I don't assume string theory to be a physical theory at all, as they can always shift their parameters in a way, that any (non)observation is explained.
My boss completely dislikes Susy, but we have another prof who is now working since decades to prove it (without success).

It may well be, that the LHC finds only a Higgs (and only after quite a long time of running, when it is so low) and nothing else. I'm not at all sure, there is something else, although there are some less compelling hints. However, Susy and some other models should really be dead, if LHC finds nothing.
I only wanted to give you an overview over the reasons why people are searching at all for other things and not simply sit down and say it is not worth to try, because anyhow nothing else than a complete SM can be expected.

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