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They are already being tried in European courts now.

But ultimately with the acquis, a European Court will simply ask the EU member (Turkey or the TRNC) to set up a local court to decide on these property issues.

The problem right now is that the TRNC is unrecognized so claims get funneled up to the European Courts. Once the north joins the EU, it will be responsible for making these property decisions, knowing of course that they can be appealed ultimately to EU bodies.

The TRNC right now does not vouchsafe stolen properties for those who are in effect squatting on Greek Cypriot land. The land registry in the north is in chaos (for that matter so is the one in the south). Whoever buys up north cannot be assured that they will keep their land.

by Upstate NY on Mon Feb 25th, 2008 at 10:06:09 AM EST
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