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Yes, she does sound as though not particularly ready for prime time.

This being said, I do note (via my father, who is in Germany roughly four months out of each year) that the internal situation viz. "reactionary forces" isn't particularly a good one, that being either black or in particular vietnamese in especially the former DDR can be quite difficult due to antisocial behavior on the part of local militants and the police do relatively little in these cases. I recall on firebombing case in Rostock getting much international cover, on vietnamese workers, and many attacks by skinheads in general, this later not being limited to the former DDR but also elsewhere in the new entrants to the EC.

Further it would appear that many wealthy Germans already have a hard time paying their proper share of taxes without even a properly Socialist tax and fiscal structure in place, so obviously this will need to be taken seriously.

Clearly, her polemics seem to be unauthorized and not particularly well phrased, politically.

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by r------ on Mon Feb 25th, 2008 at 11:02:01 AM EST
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