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I love the nuance -- the article quotes the actual line constituting the paradigm shift:

"Sollte es nicht zu einer Koalition (mit FDP und Grünen) kommen, wird die SPD Hessen entscheiden, ob und gegebenenfalls wann sich Andrea Ypsilanti im Landtag zur Wahl stellt."Should a coalition [with FDP and Greens] fail, the Hessen SPD will decide if, and, should the case arise, when Andrea Ypsilanti will stand for election [as PM] in the regional parliament.

The system is: if a PM candidate gets the majority vote in the regional parliament, s/he can form a government. Since the Left Party already announced its support, just standing for election would assure a PM Ypsilanti. And the Hessen SPD was given free hand.

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by DoDo on Mon Feb 25th, 2008 at 05:16:52 PM EST
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