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The coalition poker in Hessen intensified just before the Hamburg elections, and now affect the campaign there.

I expected an SPD-Greens minority government with Left Party outside support as the most likely outcome of the Hessen state elections. Though, I am not sure the SPD has now really decided for that.

The constelation gained prominent advocates, including, forcefully, Daniel Cohn-Bendit. But Hessen leader Ypsilanti kempt mum.

Then what I see as a trial balloon to (1) test this option, (2) tell the liberal FDP that they won't be lobbied at any price, started with a report by Hannover paper Neue Presse that Ypsilanti does consider it, at least for a 4-5 month trial period with possible new elections after it. The trial balloon continued by a careful non-denial denial from the federal party leadership and silence from Ypsilanti.

The reception has been outrage from the conservatives, and a media frenzy that played up prominent criticism like that from from prominent SPD members including federal faction leader Peter Struck. The Hamburg angle: the last SPD major/PM, Henning Voscherau called the discussion "extremely reckless against the SPD".

There is speculation that the trial balloon is party boss Kurt Beck's un-coordinated move. At any rate, while Ypsilanti's inner-party rival (the centrist whom she defeated in the leadership vote) spoke out against the option, he also vowed that if there is a vote, every SPD member will support Ypsilanti.

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