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Isn't P2p the real hope  8well unqiue hope) of self-organized anarchic economic society?

Is nto P2p where copyleft is the norm the great last hope of those of us who want a more gift-based society?

the complex gif-economies (potlach) are precisely based on P2P hierarchical status adquisitation trhough gift... in other words.. linux.

If we can democratize energy..and produce clean and cheap ..we can reduce the impact on the planet wioth green agricultural products... once you have that... and you have enough shelters (food, watrmth and sanitation is all what phsycically you need).. you can have a gift-economy not based in competition....or well based in another kind of compeition.

My ideal, I msut say, it is a democratize energy and greena griculture, some competition capitalism in some sector (with regualtion of the state) and huge chunks of the economy based on gift... I think it will be more stable, less ripe to financail instabilities and mroe self-satisfying... For example.. why the finantial markets can not be based on the gift-economy?

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by kcurie on Sun Feb 24th, 2008 at 03:52:38 PM EST

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