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BBC NEWS | World | Europe | France unveils super-fast train
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has attended the launch of a new high-speed train made by engineering giant Alstom.

The AGV (Automotrice Grande Vitesse) train will travel at up to 360km/h (224mph), powered by engines placed under each carriage, the company says.

The absence of locomotives at either end allows it to carry more passengers.

Alstom compares the AGV - successor to the TGV - to the world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, in terms of importance and innovation.

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More passengers is the lesser advantage, having distributed power (or, more precisely, more traction force) is the real big advantage. Also, some US-style boosterism there -- all Japanese Shinkansens and the German ICE-3 have distributed power already. The one new thing here is distributed power on Jacobs bogies (between-cars bogies).

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